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Children are Everyone’s Business

UNICEF and Corporate Social Responsibility

There is hardly a business that does not affect the lives of children in some way. Businesses employ their parents, manufacture products or provide services used by children, their head offices or manufacturing facilities may be located near a kindergarten or school, their suppliers may use child labour, children may take part in advertising their products and their advertising may be aimed at children!

The list can go on and on.

"These are the children of our employers, suppliers, clients and customers. They are our future employees, colleagues and clients and our future."

The business sector has enormous power to protect children and to improve the quality of their lives, but it also has the power to neglect or even jeopardize the interests of children.

By respecting child rights, providing safe working conditions for their parents and struggling against child labour companies can contribute to breaking the circle of poverty and inequality of children.

UNICEF and its partners share a broader view of these issues, which goes beyond providing financial and other forms of material support. Each company can have a significant positive impact on children’s lives by deciding to integrate child rights into its core business principles and practices as well as its corporate culture. UNICEF assists companies in achieving this goal.

Croatian companies can count on UNICEF’s long-term experience and expertise in the field of corporate social responsibility, gained in various countries and through cooperation with numerous entrepreneurs and managers as well as civil society and government representatives.

The ‘Children are Everyone’s Business’ workbook

The Workbook ‘Children are Everyone’s Business’ can serve as a practical business framework for companies. It is aimed at respect and support for children’s rights, but also as an impetus to start a new business era in which the fulfilment of child rights will become a serious and long-term goal.

We invite companies to endorse Child Rights and Business Principles and thus support respect for and the protection of children’s rights. Read more

These principles have been developed by UNICEF in collaboration with the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative UN Global Compact and Save the Children.

>> UNICEF and Corporate Engagement


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Updated: 25 May 2016
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