Maternity wards are places where the greatest treasures of humankind see the light of the world: generations that will build our future…

It is crucial for our youngest ones to come into the world in a safe environment, surrounded by love and care. For every mother, giving birth is a unique, invaluable, but also an especially sensitive experience. Therefore, it is important to provide maternity wards with optimum conditions to make delivery as comfortable as possible for the mothers and to empower them for the most important role in their life.

Together we can provide better conditions for mothers and babies in all Croatian maternity wards!

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Your donation will help mothers and babies by providing training for medical personnel and by procuring:

  • a device to ease delivery, such as a wireless CTG machine
  • special cots for babies born through a C-section, which will make breastfeeding and taking care of the child easier for the mothers
  • a biliblanket, a kangaroo chair for skin-to-skin contact, and other equipment.

You can also donate by filling out a payment slip or by internet banking to UNICEF’s account number HR1723600001501092524, reference number 1944-98.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!