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Prevent a humanitarian disaster!

Flooding, famine and disease threaten the lives of 720,000 children. A new humanitarian crisis is looming.

Due to ethnic conflicts in Myanmar, many of the Rohingya people were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. Many children have lost their families along the way and have experienced gruesome violence.

Refugees on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border Refugees on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border
Mothers and children crossing the border on the way to refugee camps Mothers and children crossing the border on the way to refugee camps

Inadequate sanitation in the refugee camps leads to the spread of infectious diseases that result in the death of the young ones, and the lack of food causes life-threatening malnutrition.
The upcoming cyclone and monsoon season could additionally aggravate the situation in the camps, destroying dwellings, contaminating drinking water and causing the spread of cholera.

"Hundreds of thousands of children are already living in horrific conditions, and now they face an even greater risk of flooding, disease, landslides and further displacement,” said Edouard Beigbeder, Head of the UNICEF Office in Bangladesh."

Refugee camp Baluhkali, Bangladesh Refugee camp Baluhkali, Bangladesh

What is UNICEF doing?

In Myanmar and Bangladesh, we are preparing for the cyclone season and providing emergency humanitarian assistance for children:
• health protection from fatal infectious diseases
• therapeutic food for severely malnourished children and safe drinking water
• safe places for learning and playing, and psychosocial support.
We need your help to prevent a new humanitarian disaster!

Prevent a disaster and donate for the youngest ones!

It is still not too late to help the Rohingya children. Your donation can save children’s lives!

HRK 65 – 3 daily meals of therapeutic food for a severely malnourished child during its 10-day recovery
HRK 108 – a monthly supply of safe drinking water for 10 families
HRK 241 – a hygiene pack for a refugee family

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To help us provide immediate assistance to children in crisis situation, please consider donating monthly.
You can also make a donation via a payment slip or internet banking to UNICEF’s account number HR9223600001501092532, reference number 1863-98.
Thank you!

Want to know more?

Who are the Rohingya?
The Rohingya are a dominantly Muslim ethnic group who have lived for centuries in Western Myanmar.

Why are the Rohingya persecuted?
The Government of Myanmar does not recognise the Rohingya as rightful citizens. The members of the Rohingya people live in extreme poverty and are subject to systematic violence and discrimination.

Where are the refugees going?
The majority of the Rohingya fled to the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. Since the escalation of violence in August 2017, thousands of new refuges arrive in Bangladesh weekly, and some of the refugee camps currently host over half a million temporary residents. The already poor Republic of Bangladesh cannot provide decent living conditions for the refugees.

Updated: 08 May 2018
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