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Child Rights and the Business Sector

Children are Everyone’s Business

Businesses employ their parents, manufacture products or provide services used by children, their head offices or manufacturing facilities may be located near a kindergarten or school, their suppliers may use child labour, children may take part in advertising their products and their advertising may be aimed at children!

"The list can go on and on, because there is hardly a business that does not affect the lives of children in some way."

Most companies in Croatia participate in the fulfilment of children’s rights through donations. However, there is much more that can be done. In achieving this, Croatian companies can count on UNICEF’s long-term experience, expertise and counselling in the field of corporate social responsibility in relation to children. UNICEF has a wealth of experience and operates in various countries in cooperation with numerous entrepreneurs and managers as well as civil society and government representatives.

The way a company acts in a community, especially in relation to its youngest members, plays an important role in developing a good corporate reputation. The business sector has enormous power to protect children from harmful influences and improve the quality of their lives, through the way it exploits its resources, develops and markets products, provides services and influences economic and social development.

Yet the business sector also has the power to neglect or even jeopardise the interests of children, many of whom are ‘invisible’ and without a voice.

Neke korporativne strategije ili prakse mogu nenamjerno nanijeti djeci štetu koja se nikada ne može popraviti i koja može ugroziti njihov razvoj, pa čak i preživljavanje.

‘Guidelines on Children’s Rights and Business principles’ scan serve as a practical business framework for companies and help them to respect and support child rights. It can also create an impetus to start a new business era where the fulfilment of child rights will become a serious and long-term goal.

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Updated: 25 May 2016
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