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A short guide through this year’s Museum of Reality: The most precious thing in the world is not a thing

© UNICEF/UNI74917/Pirozzi In-house

From 1 to 11 December in the Grič Tunnel, the Museum of Reality invites you take a walk through the reality tunnel, see life from other people’s perspective, discover the most precious thing in life and be a part of change.
This year’s edition of the Museum of Reality will tell a new, interactive story with an important message. The installations Turn on the Light, The Infinite Family Album, and 554 dolls waiting for a family in a branch of Grič Tunnel are some of the exhibits that will show you different realities of families with children from all around the world and familiarise you with other people’s life stories and experiences in a unique way.

Be part of change – discover five things waiting for you in Grič Tunnel:


1. Turn on the light in the tunnel

The interactive installation “Turn on the light for children without adequate parental care” consists of illuminated windows that symbolise the window of a child’s room in a family home.

Foto: © UNICEF

No matter where they were born or what kind of circumstances they are growing up in, every child needs the love and support of their family to feel accepted and safe, to make use of their potential and live a fulfilled life.

By passing through the installation and making a one-time donation to UNICEF’s “Every child needs a family” campaign, you will be able to “turn on the light” in the windows in Grič Tunnel and thus help children without adequate parental care.


2. “Stroll” through the largest family album in the world

A 45-metre long “Infinite Family Album” will reveal ordinary and some unusual family stories from Croatia and all around the world. By browsing through the album, find out what families from Slavonia and Bangladesh have in common, what family means to a boy in search of his lost sister, or to parents building a new life in a foreign country, to a grandmother looking after her nine grandchildren, to brothers in a foster family or a girl living with her parents during the holidays.

Foto: © UNICEF

The things that connect us as human beings are the compassion and willingness to help other families in crisis and children who have no family, even though we might not even know them or they might be living thousands of miles away from us. Imagine yourself as part of an infinite family and support those who need it the most.

After walking through the album and experiencing the stories, do not miss the opportunity to take a photo of your family with the “Frame for a Happy Childhood” and become part of an infinite family.


3. 554 of them are waiting for a family – you can be part of change, too

Foto: © UNICEF

An impressive exhibit is hiding in a closed corridor of Grič Tunnel: 554 handmade dolls representing 554 girls and boys without adequate parental care in Croatia who will spend these holidays waiting for a family. Each of them is unique, and all of them serve the same purpose – to remind us of the importance of growing up in a warm family environment. The unique Seka and Braco dolls remind us how important it is to grow up in a family environment but also show that solidarity knows no age boundaries. The dolls were assiduously handcrafted by volunteers in retirement homes and gerontological centres in the vicinity of Zagreb.

Nothing can replace the devotion, understanding and love given to children by their families. We invite you to experience for a brief moment what it is like to be the 555th in line for a family and to consider if you might be ready to open your heart and doors and give them a warm family home.

on UNICEF’s birthday on 11 December, you will be able to take home one of the dolls and make a donation to contribute to a better life for children without parental care.


4. Experience, see and listen to a family

Each day in our unusual “Living Room”, you can find different “live exhibits” – members of some of the 1200 foster families from different parts of Croatia who support 2290 children – and gain first-hand experience of their family stories and find out everything about foster care.

Foto: © Santini/UNICEF

Through the eyes of girls and boys, virtual reality will take you into the lives of two families from a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Listen to 10-year-old Najmullah and 9-year-old Asmat Ara talk about their lives in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in UNICEF’s VR film. Like thousands of other members of the Rohingya community, they were forced to flee Myanmar.

Foto: © Kljajo/UNICEF

Thanks to a special audio exhibit, you will be able to listen to FMilija radio and its show “My Family” about three families: a refugee family from Syria, a large family with eight children from Zagreb, and another family from Zagreb that is fostering two girls. The show has been created created in cooperation with the ZAG School Radio Group.


5. Remind yourselves what the most precious thing in the world is

Finally, do not forget to take with you a reminder of the most precious (non)thing in life which will wait for you at several points in Grič Tunnel.

Foto: © UNICEF

Hundreds of boys and girls in Croatia are living in institutions and waiting for families. If you can open your hearts and doors to one of them, call the free information phone line 0800 82 82.

Free telephone line where callers can get information on foster care for children Foto: © UNICEFFree telephone line where callers can get information on foster care for children

The 2018 Museum of Reality is held in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, as part of the Advent in Zagreb programme.

Visit the Museum of Reality, turn on the light for girls and boys without adequate parental care and help them get hold of the most precious thing in the world – family!

Museum of Reality
Grič Tunnel, Zagreb
Working hours:
1 December                                   12 noon to 10 p.m.
2 December – 11 December       9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Entrance is free for all visitors.

The Museum of Reality is part of the programme of Advent in Zagreb and is organized in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board. The sponsors of the Museum of Reality are IKEA, Monri Payments and Bauhaus.

All the news about the Museum of Reality can be found on UNICEF’s Facebook event page.

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Updated: 27 November 2018
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