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Inclusive Children’s Programme on Juhuhu Portal


Zagreb, 4 March, 2016.

In cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for Croatia, Croatian Radio-Television (HRT) today officially presented the children’s internet portal Juhuhu along with applications for Android and iOS that enable access to its content. Numerous television and radio shows as well as games aimed at children aged between three and eleven are available on the Juhuhu portal. These were designed and prepared by the HRT production department Children and Youth and include content that is in the Roma languages and content accessible to children with vision disabilities.

In addition to content for children, the portal offers useful advice and information designed in cooperation with UNICEF for parents in the form of recommendations on joint viewing of selected shows and follow-up conversations with children.

Valentina Otmačić, Head of the UNICEF Office for Croatia, stated,

"Television has a great power regarding the lives, dreams and hopes of children. It is often on television that many of today’s highly successful people first saw what their future profession looks like. It is therefore important which values television promotes from an early age, because in this way it sends a message to children on who is important and what is valued in a society. Does the society appreciate girls and boys equally, does it see the abilities of children with disabilities and does it recognise diversity as a shared quality of all human beings. Research on good television practices has shown that quality content can help children in dealing with difficult issues such as disease, their parents’ divorce or traffic accidents."

Ms Otmačić stressed the fact that quality television programmes for preschool children can support development and education for all children, but can have a particular impact on children who do not attend kindergarten.

“This is why UNICEF also supported the synchronisation of content for the youngest children into Roma languages and ensured versions (available on the new Juhuhu portal) for blind and visually impaired children”, added Ms Otmačić.

Vesna Karuza Podgorelec, Chief Editor of Croatian Television’s second channel (HRT2), stated, “Children and youth are among the most important target groups of any public service, which has the fundamental goals to educate, inform and entertain. Through this project, we aim to offer valuable content appropriate for their media needs and habits. Research shows that this audience is now spending more time on the computer and mobile platforms, while watching typical television programmes has almost disappeared in this target group. We must therefore also change the ways of designing programme content in order to attract them, which means keeping their attention. The Juhuhu portal is an important and big step towards that direction.”

Igor Duić, the Chief Editor for New Media on HRT, who presented the portal and application Juhuhu, said, “A fun, educational and safe zone of HRT for the youngest children: this is Juhuhu. We build the relationship with our users from an early age in order to enjoy safe content with parents and educators, develop positive social relationships, confidence and social skills as well as widen horizons. I am proud to be working with UNICEF on establishing the portal and implementing the application and grateful for the professional support in developing and choosing content for children. In addition to the multimedia service HRT1, we can also now offer Juhuhu as a service for the youngest children.”

Alongside selected shows and in cooperation with UNICEF and professional child psychologists, the Juhuhu portal will offer advice on joint viewing and follow-up conversations with children. This can easily be found in the section ‘Let’s Watch it Together’, while a range of other important data and advice by UNICEF on the youngest children can be found in the section ‘Help’.

The portal will offer users content that is accessible to the blind and visually impaired and series translated into the languages of the national minorities; the most common content will be video shows.

The UNICEF Office for Croatia would like to express it sincere thanks to all contributors to this project and in particular the centre for parenting support ‘Growing up Together’“.

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Updated: 24 May 2016
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