Beyan / 4 years old from Allepo / Living in Akcakale Camp

Beyan is 4-year-old girl who is living in Akcakale Camp in Sanliurfa. She is from Allepo. She was born there when the war began.

UNICEFÕs Child Friendly Spaces project is funded by the European Union and implemented in partnership with AFAD and in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent Society in all camps in Turkey to ensure that vulnerable Syrian children and youth have access to safe, participatory and inclusive education spaces and recreation activities.

Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) established in 22 camps in 10 cities. In all of these spaces, two youth workers continuously conduct activities for and with youth and children. The number of the children and adolescents with access to psychosocial support services through Child Friendly Spaces is 67,379 as of February 2015.

With the conflict in Syria now entering its fifth year, some 14 million children across the region are suffering from the escalating conflict sweeping Syria and much of Iraq. The situation of more than 5.6 million children inside Syria remains the most desperate. That includes up to 2 million children who are living in areas of the country largely cut off from humanitarian assistance due to fighting or other factors. Some 2.6 million Syrian children are still out of school. Almost 2 million Syrian children are living as refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and other countries. This is in addition to the 3.6 million children from vulnerable communities hosting refugees, who themselves are suffering due to the strain on services like education and health. Meanwhile, the increasingly interlinked crisis gripping Iraq has forced more than 2.8 million children from their homes, and left many trapped in areas controlled by armed groups. “For the youngest children, this crisis is all they have ever known. For adolescents entering their formative years, violence and suffering have not only scarred their past; they are shaping their fut