“My Vukovar!” “Moj Vukovar!” (Destroyed town with animals) Marija, 13 years old, displaced from Vukovar

War is the saddest word that flows from my quivering lips,’ writes 12-year-old Maida from Skopje in I dream of peace, an 80 page, full colour collection of writings and drawings by children from former Yugoslavia. It is a wicked bird that never comes to rest…War is the evilest of birds, turning streets red with blood and the world into an inferno.’ The conflict in former Yugoslavia is seen through the eyes of Maida and more than 50 children in former Yugoslavia in a new UNICEF book to be launched in March/April 1994. I dream of peace: Images of war by children of former Yugoslavia is being published in ten languages and more than 18 countries, with a combined international first edition print run approaching 200,000 copies. Poignant renderings of their experience of war and yearning for peace, the drawings and writings were created as part of UNICEF’s ongoing psychosocial trauma treatment programme to train specialists, teachers and parents to help respond to the psychological effects of war on children. An indictment of war by its most innocent victims, I dream of peace is a universal cry for children’s fundamental right to live in peace. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the I Dream of Peace Fund’ to support programmes for children affected by war throughout the world.”