‘Bahadou 2’ school in Timbuctu. Hamssatou Touré (10), pictured in the front, and the other children are third-year students.

The ‘Bahadou 2’ school is one of the 25 traditional schools located in the city of Timbuktu. With 1,080 students distributed in two cycles, the school holds large numbers of children in classrooms. After the departure of rebels who were driven out by the Malian and French armies, and in response to the humanitarian crisis, UNICEF provided schools with education and recreational kits for children and teaching kits teachers. Another partner, WFP has established a school canteen to keep children in school and address absenteeism from classes.

The Timbuctu region is situated about 1050 km from the capital Bamako and is the 6th and largest region of Mali.