Every child with disabilities, regardless of where he or she lives, needs the love of their family, but also the support of experts in order to develop and lead a fuller life.

In order to develop, children with disabilities need experts’ support and access to services like daycare centres and group psychosocial support. This allows them to get the help they need from a rehabilitator, social worker, nurse, and, if needed, a speech therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist or art and music therapist. They can also spend time with their peers, learn and acquire skills that will enable them to be more independent.

Unfortunately, many children with disabilities do not have access to these important services and miss the opportunity to progress and develop, ultimately risking social exclusion. The situation is particularly difficult in the least developed counties.

What can we do?

Help children with disabilities in the least developed Croatian counties, where experts’ services are unavailable or insufficient!

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Your donation will help secure better access to services in the least developed counties – and for children that means faster development and a fuller life!

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How your donation helps

Your donation will help UNICEF support the following:

  • set up and expansion of daycare centres and group psychosocial support services
  • introduction of quality support programmes for parents of children with disabilities
  • additional education for experts working with children and families
  • purchase of didactic and other equipment.

Thank you for helping provide important services that can change children’s lives for the better!

Children like Viktor need adequate and ongoing support

Viktor na terapiji

Viktor (9) is an extremely active child, who loves to move constantly. “Swings make him happy, but he simply adores the trampoline. He is currently fascinated by balloons of all shapes and colours, but also enjoys playing with toy cars and simple puzzles“, says his Mum Ljiljana. Viktor has difficulties in communication and is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. “In most cases, I can guess what he wants or needs, but sometimes I don’t understand him. That leads to frustration. The hardest thing for me is when I can’t find what’s causing it, and he can’t tell me”, says Ljiljana. She adds that it would mean a lot to their family if they had access to systematic psychosocial support and the opportunity to talk to experts and other parents of children with disabilities who are facing similar challenges. Read more.

Very few children with disabilities in Sisak-Moslavina County have access to group psychosocial support and daycare centres. Your donation can change this!