Measuring Saba’s weight in Alzaidiah health center

Saba recovers from malnutrition

Millions of children across Yemen face serious threats due to malnutrition, in particular, and the lack of basic health services, in general. All these threats are caused by the ongoing war and hostilities in the country, especially in Hudaydah governorate. UNICEF continues to reiterate the call by the United Nations for a ceasefire in Yemen to enable the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance to children.

Saba, a girl from Bajel – Hudaydah, in Yemen, suffers from severe malnutrition and complications of fever and diarrhea. She is at risk of imminent death due to malnutrition and the disastrous war conditions in Yemen that cast a shadow over all areas of Yemen.

In Hudaydah, children face the risk of death due to the lack of food or the expansion of battles to residential areas, including hospitals that provide emergency healthcare services to the affected families.

Ashwaq Al-Raei, Saba’s mother, says that they have no money because her husband doesn’t work currently.

“Because of the war, my husband couldn’t find work in order to get money. Additionally, we haven’t received assistance from the local organizations in Hudaydah. This has severely affected Saba,” she added.

Dr. Waleed Ibrahim works at the Al Qatea UNICEF-supported Therapeutic Feeding Center(TFC) that is run by Tayba Foundation for Development. Cases of severe malnutrition are admitted at the center to receive treatment. The center provides meals for mothers attending to their sick children too.

Dr. Waleed says that Saba arrived in the center suffering from acute malnutrition with complications of fever and diarrhea”.

“She weighed 5.7 kilograms while children of her age are supposed to be 8 kilogramms”, he added.

Saba lives with her parents, three brothers and six sisters. They are all at risk of malnutrition due to the war and lack of a source of income for the family to afford full meals.

Ashwaq, Saba’s mother, said that she bree