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Museum of Reality

Museum of Reality
Museum of Illusions, Ilica 72, Zagreb
Working hours:
11.12. 2017                                from noon to 10 p.m.
12.12.2017 and 13.12.2017    from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Admission free for all visitors.  

Open your eyes to see: through illusion to reality  

For the third year in a row, UNICEF will open the door to the unique Museum of Reality and take us into the everyday life of the most vulnerable children in the world. The Museum of Reality will take place at the Museum of Illusions in Zagreb, where for three days, from 11 to 13 December, illusions will serve the opposite purpose – to reveal reality.

Interactive journey through early childhood

With the assistance of virtual reality, experience rooms, holograms, optical illusions and installations, UNICEF and the Museum of Reality will take visitors on a personal and interactive journey through earliest childhood, where they will experience the disturbing reality of millions of children, learn what the most important “gifts” for them are, and how the birthplace of a child affects their life chances.

With the help of exhibits never seen before, the Museum of Reality will present a different perspective on today’s world, where millions of children live in difficult conditions due to inequality, poverty, natural disasters and war.

Visitors will be able to play “lottery of birth” and see what their life would be like if they were born elsewhere  

UNICEF/de Viguerie

and feel what is it like to…

come face to face with violence,


search for a sip of drinking water,

UNICEF/ Lemoyne

survive an invasion on childhood,


manage to stay safe when a hurricane takes the ground from under your feet,

UNICEF/Moreno Gonzalez

wait for a food drop that will save your life to fall from the sky.


Gifts that last a lifetime

The earliest years of childhood leave a mark on our lives forever. Unfortunately, some children do not have the opportunity for a good start in life.

This year, under the title “Gifts for a lifetime”, the Museum of Reality will lead visitors through an interactive story of health, food, education, family and safety as the most precious gifts for every child, regardless of where “lottery of birth” puts the child.


If we change the beginning, we will change the whole story

Museum visitors will also be able to find out how UNICEF is helping the most vulnerable children with the support of citizens, and engage in the Childhood Guardians (Čuvari djetinjstva) programme to support the creation of a better, safer and fairer world for every child.  

These holidays, be part of a different holiday story. Visit the Museum of Reality, wear a “Santa’s blue hat” and give gifts that will last a lifetime!

Updated: 29 November 2017
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